What is the use of sample cup?

A sample cup is a small disposable cup used to take small samples or tastes of food, drink, or other products. Some common uses of sample cups include:

– Food sampling – Sample cups allow customers at grocery stores, Costco, Sam’s Club, etc. to try small samples of food products like cheese, dips, snacks, etc. before purchasing them.

– Drink sampling – Coffee shops, smoothie shops, juice bars, etc. often provide small sample cups for customers to try out new drinks or flavors before ordering a full size.

– Product demonstrations – Companies offering product demos at stores may provide sample cups for testing personal care items, health, and beauty products, cleaning products, etc.

– Medication cups – Some pharmacies use small plastic shot cups to distribute liquid medications to patients.

– Kitchen use – Sample cups can be used at home to portion ingredients for cooking/baking recipes. They allow for easy mess-free tasting as you cook.

– Arts and crafts – The small plastic cups can be reused for distributing paints, glues, beads, etc. for various children’s craft activities.

So in summary, sample cups provide a hygienic, inexpensive way to offer small portions of foods, drinks, and other products for tasting or trial before purchase. Their small size makes them perfect for getting a quick taste or targeted sample.

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