What type of container is used for urine collection?

There are a few common urine collection containers:

– Urine collection bag – A plastic bag with a tube attached that is connected to a catheter to collect urine. Often used for patients who have difficulties passing urine.

– Sterile urine collection cup – A small plastic cup with a lid used to collect a urine sample, often for medical testing. The patient urinates into the cup.

– Bedpan – A shallow pan made of metal, plastic, or ceramic that is placed under a patient in bed to collect urine and feces.

– Urinal – A plastic or metal bottle with a wide neck that male patients can urinate directly into, often while bedridden. It has a screw-on lid.

– Urostomy bag – A bag attached to the skin that collects urine from a surgically created opening (stoma) in the abdomen. Used by patients with bladder issues or who have had bladder removal surgery.

The choice of urine collection container depends on the patient’s mobility, the reason for collection, and the length of time needed for collection. Proper handling and disposal of urine containers are important to avoid contamination.

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