What is the OpentronS pipette tip

Here are a few key things to know about Opentrons pipette tips:

– Opentrons make two main types of pipette tips – standard and PCR strip tips. Standard tips are used for most liquid handling protocols while PCR strip tips allow accessing wells in PCR strips and plates.

– Tips come in different sizes like 10 μL, 20 μL, 200 μL, and 300 μL to match the volume of the pipette. They are designed for low retention and high-precision dispensing.

– Opentron tips are manufactured from medical-grade virgin polypropylene. They are DNase/RNase-free and non-pyrogenic.

– The tips have a wide opening and graduations for accurate visualization of volume aspirated. They also have a narrow bottom to reach into deep labware.

– The tips feature a smooth inner wall and tight tolerances for consistent high-accuracy results across the full working volume range of a pipette. – They use a universal press-fit design that is compatible with all Opentrons pipettes from legacy to the latest gen2 models.

– Tips come in resealable racks of 96 tips for organized storage. Autoclavable tip trays are also available.

– Opentrons regularly tests and verifies the quality and precision of the tips during manufacturing for reliable performance.

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