What is Labmore filter tips?

Labmore is a brand that makes filter pipette tips.

Here are some key things about Labmore filter tips:

– They are manufactured by Denville Scientific, Inc., a company that specializes in laboratory consumables.

– Labmore filter tips contain an extra filter made of inert plastics near the end of the tip.

– The hydrophobic filter prevents liquids, aerosols, and biological samples from reaching the pipette barrel.

– This helps prevent cross-contamination between liquids or samples during pipetting.

– The tips fit all major pipette brands and come in a wide range of sizes from 10 μL up to 10 mL.

– They are RNase/DNase/Pyrogen free and PCR inhibition free.

– The tips have low retention and are suited for pipetting proteins, primers, and other viscous or sticky substances.

– They display a higher accuracy and precision when pipetting small volumes.

– Labmore filter tips are clearly marked with a symbol for easy identification.

– They are sterile, single-use tips made from medical-grade virgin polypropylene.

– The tips are designed for a secure fit to prevent leakage or accidental dislodging.

In summary, Labmore filter tips provide an additional filter to enhance pipetting accuracy and prevent cross-contamination for a variety of laboratory applications. They are suitable for work with sensitive or hazardous samples.

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