What is a filtered pipette tip?

A filtered pipette tip is a specialty pipette tip that contains a built-in filter.

Here are some key things about filtered pipette tips:

– The filter is typically made of porous plastic and is located in the tip near the end that attaches to the pipette.

– The main purpose of the filter is to prevent aerosols and liquid from contaminating the pipette barrel during pipetting.

– The filter blocks aerosols and droplets from being sucked back into the pipette when releasing liquid.

– It also retains any liquid that may inadvertently be drawn up past the tip during pipetting.

– This prevents cross-contamination between different liquids and samples.

– Filtered tips are especially useful when working with hazardous chemicals, and radioactive or biohazardous materials.

– They provide an added layer of protection and safety for the user.

– Filtered tips reduce contamination risks when pipetting between different solutions.

– They are available in sizes to fit all standard pipettes from micro volumes to larger volumes.

– Filtered tips cost more than regular pipette tips.

In summary, filtered pipette tips contain a filter to retain liquids and aerosols and prevent contamination of the pipette itself during use. They enhance safety and prevent cross-contamination.

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