What is a single-channel pipette?

A single-channel pipette is a common tool used in laboratories to transfer or measure precise fluid volumes. Some key features of single-channel pipettes:

– They have one nozzle or tip fitting to aspirate and dispense liquid from a single sample. This allows you to work with one sample at a time.

– They allow adjustment of the piston to set the pipette to aspirate and deliver a specific fluid volume, usually ranging from 0.1 microliters to 1000 microliters.

– They work via an air displacement mechanism. The piston moves up to draw air into the tip, lowering the pressure to aspirate liquid. It moves down to displace air and expel the liquid.

– They can be manual pipettes operated completely by hand, or automated electronic pipettes with digital volume settings and powered piston control.

– Tips are attached to the nozzle and replaced between samples to avoid cross-contamination. Tip types include standard, filter, long, wide-bore, etc.

– Accuracy and precision are important. High-quality pipettes have low variability between aspiration and dispensation.

– They allow the transfer of liquids like samples, reagents, buffers, media, etc. Applications include titrations, dispensing into microplates, inoculations, etc.

– Proper pipetting technique is important for accuracy. This includes pre-rinsing tips, vertical holds, pipetting at eye level, and controlled dispensing.

– Single-channel pipettes are ideal when working with one sample type at a time. Multi-channel pipettes allow the simultaneous transfer of multiple samples.

In summary, single-channel pipettes are customizable liquid handling tools that allow precise aspiration and delivery of small volumes in the laboratory. Correct use promotes accuracy in experiments and assays.

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