How do you use a single-channel pipette?

Here are the basic steps to use a single-channel pipette correctly.

1.Select the appropriate pipette tip and firmly attach it to the nozzle. Make sure the tip seals tightly.

2. Set the pipette to the desired volume by turning the dial or using the volume adjustment buttons

3. Firmly depress the plunger to the first stop to aspirate the set volume of liquid into the tip. Keep the pipette vertical and immersed in the liquid while aspirating.

4. Withdraw the pipette tip from the liquid and briefly touch off any liquid on the outside of the tip

5. Place the pipette tip into the desired container or tube for dispensing.

6. Slowly depress the plunger to the second stop to steadily expel the liquid from the tip. Avoid quick depression movements.

7. Allow the plunger to return to the starting position. This will draw in air to prevent drips at the tip.

8. Eject the used pipette tip by pressing the tip ejector button. Discard the tip.

9. Adjust the volume per your needs and attach a new pipette tip to repeat the liquid transfer process

10. When finished, eject the final tip and decontaminate the pipette nozzle. Store the pipette securely.

Following good technique helps ensure accuracy and precision when using a single-channel pipette. Always check the pipette for calibration and servicing as needed.

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