What is the Rainin Pipette tip?

Rainin pipette tips are suitable for most pipette brands, including Rainin, Gilson, Aglient,axygen, Beckman,tecan mca

The Rainin pipette tip is made of 10% raw materials in a dust-free workshop where the air cleanliness reaches 100,000, and the absorption and absorption are high to ensure the nutrient solution. The ISO 9001 production process eliminates all external sources of pollution.

The purpose is to obtain the award-winning unique BioClean purity certification, Rainin super pipetting DNA enzyme, tipped enzyme RNA, pyrogen, PCR, polymerase, microbial trace material, and trace organic matter testing system. Rainin has also undergone some scientific research tests, which increases the credibility of the environmental research results. And each one has stable, bio-sucking ingredients. 100,000-class cleanliness and dust-free space manufacturingThe BioClean super pipette tip is manufactured in a clean room with air cleanliness of 100,00. In order to ensure absolute integrity, no additives or coloring are used, and the ISO 9001 production process eliminates all external sources of pollution.

Key things to know about Rainin pipette tips:

– Rainin is a brand of pipette tips and other lab equipment made by Mettler Toledo. They are a popular choice in many labs.

– Rainin pipette tips come in a wide variety of sizes, from 0.1 ul up to 10 ml, to fit different capacity pipettes. The tips have color coding and markings to indicate the volume.

– They are manufactured from medical-grade virgin polypropylene plastic for purity. The tips use a universal fit design to work with most major pipette brands.

– Features of Rainin tips include ultra-smooth interior walls to reduce the binding of liquids, tight tolerances for accurate and precise pipetting, and filter barriers to prevent cross-contamination between pipetting steps.

– Rainin tips can be purchased in bulk in racks/trays or individually wrapped. Common options include standard tips, low retention, low binding, filtered, wide orifice, and barrier tips.

– Benefits of Rainin tips touted by the manufacturer include minimized error rates, less hand fatigue, and time savings. They are engineered for performance and durability.

– Overall, Rainin pipette tips are considered high quality and reliable for research requiring accurate liquid handling. Their extensive selection makes them popular disposable tips for most applications

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