What does a graduated serological pipette do?

A graduated serological pipette is designed to accurately measure and transfer small volumes of liquids, typically for serological or immunological testing procedures.

Some key features and uses:

– Graduations: Have numeric graduations etched on the pipette, usually from 0.1 mL up to 1 mL in 0.01 mL increments. Allows accurate reading of the liquid volume.

– Measurement: The narrow tip and fine graduations enable very precise volume measurement, within ±0.02 mL or less. Useful when sample volume is critical.

– Transfer: Can aspirate measured liquid volumes and transfer drops or aliquots with great accuracy due to the graduations.

– Titration: The precision makes graduated serological pipettes ideal for titration experiments that require adding precise incremental volumes.

– Serological testing: Widely used in immunology labs for steps like making serial dilutions of serum samples for testing.

– Contamination: Fine tip allows careful layering of liquids to avoid cross-contamination. Disposable plastic pipettes prevent carryover between solutions.

In summary, the key ability of graduated serological pipettes is to accurately measure out and transfer very small volumes during delicate serological, immunological, and clinical tests. The graduations allow volume precision not possible with other types of pipettes.

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