Is the serological pipette graduated?

Yes, serological pipettes are graduated. The key differences are:

– Graduation range: Serological pipettes typically have graduations from 0.1 mL up to 1 mL, designed for measuring small volumes. Graduated pipettes may have larger graduation ranges.- Graduation scale: The graduations on serological pipettes are more finely scaled, usually in increments of 0.01 mL. Graduated pipettes often have coarser 0.1 mL increments.

– Accuracy: Due to the finer scale and design, serological pipettes can achieve accuracies around ±0.02 mL for small volume measurements. Graduated pipettes tend to have larger tolerances of ±0.1 mL or more.

– Graduation format: The graduations are printed directly onto the serological pipette body in scaled numeric format (0.1, 0.2, 0.3 mL, etc). Graduated pipettes have unnumbered graduation marks on the stem.

– Readability: The longer, narrower serological pipette tips provide better readability of the meniscus for more accurate measurement.

So in summary, serological pipettes have numerically scaled graduations optimized for accurately measuring and transferring small volumes, whereas graduated pipettes have coarser, unnumbered graduations across a wider range. But both types of pipettes are considered graduated instruments.

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