What container is used for stool samples?

The most common containers used for collecting stool samples are:

– Stool collection kit – These contain a collection pan or hat that fits over the toilet seat to catch the sample. They also include vials, spoons, and lids for transferring a portion of the sample into a leakproof container.

– Sterile specimen container – General-purpose plastic or screw-top containers can be used. Containers should be wide-mouthed for easy collection.

– Fecal occult blood test cards – These cardboard cards have windows coated with a chemical that detects blood in the stool sample. The patient smears a small stool sample on the card.

– Single-use bedpan or basin – A disposable plastic bedpan or basin can collect the sample, and then a portion is transferred to another sterile container.

– Commode specimen collection system – This uses a special collection container under the commode seat to catch the specimen.

The stool sample container should be leakproof, sterile, and labeled appropriately for identification. Plastic is better than glass for safety. The sample should be delivered to the lab as soon as possible after collection. Proper handling of stool samples prevents contamination and ensures accurate test results.

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