What are urine sample bottles called?

There are a few common names for the bottles used to collect and contain urine samples:

– Urine specimen container/bottle – This general terminology refers to a plastic bottle with a secure lid specifically designed for collecting and transporting urine samples. They are sterile and disposable.

– Urine culture bottle/tube – Specifically used for urine cultures. Contains a preservative to maintain the integrity of the sample for microbial analysis.

– Sterile urine cup – A small plastic cup with a lid for collecting urine. Usually holds around 50-120 ml.

– Urine transport tube – Also known as URITube. Has a screw-on lid to securely transport urine. Available in various sizes.

– Vacutainer urine tube – Special tube with vacuum seal and rubber stopper. Allows urine to fill the tube smoothly. Used with a needle to transfer the sample from a full container.

– Urobottle – Wide-mouthed plastic bottle used for collection and transport of urine. Available in 100ml to 400ml volumes.

– Voided urine container – Container for collecting midstream urine specimens.

– Urine cryovial – Specialized vial with screw cap and internal threading used for cryopreservation and cold storage of urine.

The specific bottle type depends on the urine test, the sample volume needed, and whether transport or storage is required. They are always sterilized and made of plastic, not glass.

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