What are ClipTip 300 tips?

ClipTip 300 tips are specialized disposable pipette tips designed for use with certain pipetting systems, particularly those from the Thermo Fisher Scientific ClipTip range. These tips are part of an innovative system aimed at providing secure and precise pipetting by ensuring that the tips are properly attached and sealed onto the pipette every time. Here are some key features and benefits of ClipTip 300 tips:

1. **Secure Sealing**: ClipTip tips feature a unique interlocking design that ensures a secure seal with the pipette. This design helps to prevent tips from loosening or leaking, which is crucial for accurate and reliable liquid handling.

2. **Compatibility**: ClipTip 300 tips are specifically designed to work with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s ClipTip pipettes. They come in various volumes and are tailored to fit the specific needs of different pipetting tasks.

3. **Easy Tip Attachment and Ejection**: The ClipTip system allows for easy attachment and ejection of the tips. This ergonomic design reduces the strain on the user, particularly during repetitive pipetting tasks, and helps maintain a consistent and efficient workflow.

4. **Volume Range**: The number “300” typically indicates the maximum volume capacity in microliters for these tips. Therefore, ClipTip 300 tips are suitable for pipetting volumes up to 300 µL.

5. **Sterility and Cleanliness**: These tips are often available in sterile, filtered, and non-filtered versions to accommodate different laboratory needs, such as avoiding contamination in sensitive experiments.

6. **Accuracy and Precision**: The secure fit and design of ClipTip 300 tips contribute to accurate and precise liquid dispensing, which is essential for many laboratory applications, including molecular biology, microbiology, and clinical diagnostics.

Overall, ClipTip 300 tips are a critical component in laboratories that demand high standards of accuracy, precision, and efficiency in their pipetting tasks.

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