How do you load pipette tips?

Loading pipette tips onto a pipette is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Select the appropriate pipette tip: Choose a pipette tip that matches the volume range of your pipette. Ensure that the tip is compatible with the brand and model of your pipette.
  2. Inspect the tips: Before loading, visually inspect the pipette tips for any defects or contamination. Ensure that they are clean, intact, and free of debris.
  3. Prepare the pipette: If your pipette has an ejector button, ensure that it is in the “up” position. This will facilitate easy loading of the tips.
  4. Align the tip: Hold the pipette tip vertically and align it with the tip cone of the pipette. The tip should slide smoothly onto the pipette without any resistance.
  5. Push the tip onto the pipette: Apply gentle pressure to the tip while pushing it onto the pipette. Make sure to push it all the way down until it is securely seated on the pipette. You may hear or feel a slight click when the tip is fully engaged.
  6. Check for proper seating: After loading the tip, visually inspect it to ensure that it is properly seated and there are no gaps between the tip and the pipette.
  7. Verify the volume setting: Before pipetting, double-check that the pipette is set to the correct volume for your application. Adjust the volume dial if necessary.
  8. Dispose of used tips properly: After use, remove the used tip from the pipette and dispose of it in an appropriate waste container. Do not reuse disposable tips to prevent contamination.

Following these steps will ensure that pipette tips are properly loaded onto the pipette, allowing for accurate and precise liquid handling in your experiments.

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