Use Case of Hamilton Pipette Tip

Here are some common use cases and applications for Hamilton pipette tips:

– Liquid handling robots – Hamilton tips are designed to fit robotic pipetting arms from Hamilton Robotics for automated liquid transfer.

– Precision pipetting – The high quality and tight manufacturing tolerances allow accurate and precise pipetting down to microliter or nanoliter volumes.

– Drug discovery – Used for compound management and high throughput screening workflows on Hamilton pipetting stations.

– Genomics – Handling small volumes of reagents for workflows like PCR setup, DNA quantification, and sequencing library prep.

– Proteomics – Precision aliquoting of protein samples for techniques like ELISA, and mass spectrometry analysis.

– Cell culture – Accurate aspiration and dispensing of cells when passaging, and seeding assay plates.

– Microbiology – Sterile tips useful for inoculations, dilution plating, and culture transfers of bacteria or viruses.

– Radiolabeling – Even distribution of radioisotope tracer volumes requires careful pipetting technique.

– Analytical chemistry – Benefits quantitative chemical analyses like titrations that need accurate additions.

– Immunology – Serological pipetting for steps in immunoassays like ELISAs, westerns, and other antibody-based tests.

– Molecular biology – Pipetting enzymes, buffers, and nucleic acids for procedures like PCR, cloning, and restriction digests.

– Forensics – Crime labs use Hamilton tips for DNA sample aliquoting and normalization prior to genotyping.

So in summary, Hamilton’s pipette tips enable precise liquid handling in diverse applications, especially useful for automation.

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Use Case of Hamilton Pipette Tip
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