Use Case of Beckman Biomek FX Pipette Tips

Here are some common use cases for Beckman Biomek FX pipette tips:

– Automated PCR setup – The Biomek FX liquid handler can use the tips for fast, parallel distribution of master mixes and samples into 96-well PCR plates.

– NGS library preparation – The tips allow efficient handling of small volumes of DNA during library prep reactions like fragmentation, end-repair, and adapter ligation.

– Compound screening – The tips facilitate accurate pipetting of compounds and reagents for assays like ELISA, fluorescence screening, etc.

– Serial dilutions – The liquid handler can make precise dilutions for experiments like protein crystallization, cytotoxicity assays, etc.

– Plate replication – The tips enable fast stamping to copy samples from source plates into multiple destination plates.

– Cherry picking – Desired colonies can be picked from agar plates for inoculation or sequencing.

– Plate stamping – For assays needing a uniform amount of compound, cells, or reagent dispensed into multiple wells.

– Automated ELISAs – The tips allow accurate reagent distribution and sample handling for high-throughput ELISA workflows.

– Next-gen sequencing normalization – Normalizing sample concentrations prior to multiplexed sequencing.

– Hit picking – Selecting positive samples from initial screens for further secondary/tertiary assays.

– Cell-based assays – Handling and transferring cells to assay plates in a sterile, consistent manner.

In summary, the Biomek tips provide reliable liquid handling capabilities to automate manual workflows involving plate-based assays, improving reproducibility and throughput.

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