Use Case of 8 Strips Magnetic Tip Comb

Here are some common uses of 8-strip magnetic tip combs:

– Parallel processing of samples – The 8 tips allow you to simultaneously pipette or manipulate samples across 8 wells of a plate. This enables faster and more efficient liquid handling.

– PCR setup – The 8 tips can be used to quickly aliquot master mix and distribute samples into 8-tube PCR strips or a PCR plate.

– Next-generation sequencing library prep – Many NGS protocols require pipetting across a large number of wells. The 8-tip comb allows faster distribution of reagents.

– Immunoprecipitation – The tips enable binding and washing steps across multiple samples in parallel.

– Bead-based assays – The comb facilitates binding, washing, and elution steps when working with samples bound to magnetic beads.

– Sample normalization – The 8-tip comb can be used to quickly normalize the volume of samples across multiple wells.

– Serial dilution – Dilution series can be efficiently created across 8 wells simultaneously.

– Plate replication – Transferring or replicating a plate pattern between plates is easier with a multi-tip comb.

– Plate stamping – The 8 tips can be used to stamp a single reagent or sample into multiple plate wells at once.

– Automated liquid handling – The tip combs are compatible with automated pipetting systems and robotic workstations to enable high-throughput parallel processing.

In summary, the 8-strip magnetic comb allows faster and more standardized liquid transfers across multiple samples in parallel, improving workflow efficiency.

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