Deep well plate
Polypropylene (PP)
2.2ml, Square well, U bottom
1. High-temperature sterilization
2. Thickened material 
3. Complete specifications 
4. Dust-free production
5/pack, 50/case
Laboratory Usage
Deep well plate U
1. The deep well plate is made of polypropylene, a polymer material with good chemical compatibility. It can be used for the storage of most polar organic solutions, acid, and alkaline solutions in the laboratory.
2. High temperature and high-pressure sterilization, can be stacked to save space. The whole plate has no bubble, no stripe, and no leakage phenomenon. Gamma-ray sterilization and non-sterilization are optional.
3 No DNA and RNA enzymes, no heat source. Comply with SBS/ANSI standards for multi-channel pipettes and automatic workstations.
4. High-quality polypropylene material, Single heat seal, bulk or packed in rows by blister tray, Small size, easy to store
5. Sample storage: it can replace the conventional 1.5ml centrifuge tube to store samples, can be arranged tidily to save space, with large storage capacity, and can withstand the -80℃ refrigerator condition. Therefore, it’s also called a storage plate.
6. Sample processing: it can be used combined with multipass pipettes, high-throughput automatic liquid processors, and respective software to allow the high-throughput operation of biological samples, for example, protein precipitation, liquid extraction, nucleic acid extraction, etc. Greatly improve the efficiency of sample processing. Can withstand high temperatures.
Deep well plate V
1. Plate no bubble, no stripes, no spills, high mechanical strength, solid bond department;
2. Accommodate even larger working volumes, up to 0.5 mL or 2.2 mL storage volume per well;
Proteins and DNA will not adhere to PP, allowing for complete sample recovery.
3. Natural color makes it easy to locate the notch design. Use: Applicable to the identification system, HTS, master sampling
and sample, mechanical sampling, and automatically moved fluid system;
4.96 Deep Well Plates can be used for the growth of bacterial cultures or storage of compounds.
Pyramid-bottom eases sample retrieval and improves mixing within well by creating a sloshing effect rather than a vortex
11. when agitated, polypropylene construction offers a low binding surface to prevent samples from sticking to side walls.


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