300 uL Racked, Sterile, Filtered Pipette Tips

● Provide a variety of specifications with filter, sterilization, and low adsorption;
● Available in bulk and boxed with two specifications;
● Suitable for Eppendorf pipette;
● Smooth tube wall to reduce wall hanging;


Product information

The pipette tip is designed to fit most of the mainstream pipettes on the market.

The pipette tip is made of high-quality polypropylene material, and each batch of products passes rigorous testing to ensure consistent high quality; The surface is highly smooth, which can effectively prevent the sample from hanging on the wall, thus ensuring the repeatability of the experiment. The pipette tip is optimized to ensure good sealing and can be used for pipetting, separating, and mixing. Experimental operations such as filling hole plates and reaction tubes as well as extraction and removal of supernatant.
Pipette tip is highly clean, certified DNase, RNase, and pyrogen-free, and is suitable for genomics, proteomics, cell content, immunoassay, metabolomics, biopharmaceutical research and development, and other common high-pass pipette processes.

Product advantage
> Available 10μL, 10μL+, 20μL, 100μL, 200μL, 1000μL, 1250μL specifications
> The pipette tip design is optimized to accurately fit the Eppendorf pipette to ensure the accuracy of the experiment
> High-quality polypropylene material, no DNase, RNase, pyrogen and human DNA
> The surface of the pipette tip is smooth, which can reduce sample residue and ensure the repeatability of the experiment
> Using thin-walled hole design to prevent samples from hanging on the wall


01. Highly fit

Eppendorf pipette accurate fit, and generally suitable for the market mainstream pipette, better sealing

02. High clean level

No DNase, no RNA enzyme, no pyrogen, no human DNA

03. Quality materials

Made of high-quality polypropylene material, excellent performance

04. Excellent craftsmanship

Standardized production process and strict testing to ensure quality consistency

05. Widely used

Optimized tip design for a wide range of mouthpieces

Selected raw material

Select medical grade polypropylene (pp) raw materials, strict feed inspection, chemical stability,

strong resistance to chemical corrosion, and not easy to deform after high temperature autoclaved sterilization.

High cleanliness

Class 100,000 clean workshop, the production environment through the Suzhou Food and Drug

Administration test, the production process to eliminate the introduction of foreign pollutants,

the third-party test does not contain DNase, RNase, or endotoxin.

Strict test

Import the original product testing equipment, every hour to test the product, including size,

stability, leakage, air tightness, centrifugation, function, and other comprehensive test after delivery.

Quality traceability

Imported mold processing equipment and testing instruments, real-time intelligent constant temperature management,

the use of an ERP digital management system, the full introduction of information management in the workflow,

the whole process of production can be traced.


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T175 Treated Cell Culture Flasks With Vent Cap, Sterile

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