Is a serological pipette precise?

Yes, serological pipettes are considered precise volumetric pipettes. Here are some key reasons why:

  • Calibrated accuracy: Serological pipettes are factory-calibrated to deliver volumes within +/-1% of their marked capacity. This tight tolerance ensures high precision.
  • Positive displacement design: They employ a positive displacement pipetting mechanism where a constant volume is drawn in and dispensed in a single stroke. This leads to consistent, reproducible volumes.
  • Manufacturing quality control: Serological pipettes undergo stringent quality control during manufacturing to meet their calibrated accuracy specifications repeatably.
  • Uniform tube diameters: Tight production tolerances ensure all pipettes have consistent inner diameters to dispense equal volumes regardless of the pipette used.
  • ISO 8655 certification: Quality serological pipettes are ISO 8655 certified which includes various performance testing to prove their precision.
  • Repeatable results: When used properly, serological pipettes provide results with a low coefficient of variation between repeats, demonstrating their precision.
  • Application requirements: The high precision of serological pipettes makes them suitable for applications like diagnostic assays, cell culture work and research where reproducibility is important.

So in analytical, clinical, and research applications requiring consistent, reproducible pipetted volumes, serological pipettes are acknowledged as a precise choice due to their tight manufacturing parameters and calibration specifications.

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