Are serological pipettes Class A?

Yes, serological pipettes are considered Class A volumetric pipettes.

The different classes of volumetric pipettes are defined based on their accuracy and performance specifications:

  • Class A pipettes: These provide the highest level of accuracy, typically within ±1% of the graduation value. Serological pipettes fall under this class due to their high degree of precision.
  • Class B pipettes: Slightly less accurate than Class A, performance is typically within ±2% of the marked volume.
  • Class C pipettes: Provide an accuracy of ±5% of the marked volume. They are suitable for general-purpose applications where extreme precision is not required.

So serological pipettes, being calibrated to deliver volumes within 1% of capacity, are deemed Class A volumetric pipettes. Their high accuracy makes them indispensable for applications involving quantitative analysis, diagnostic assays, Quality Control procedures, and other tasks where reproducibility is critical.

The Class A designation ensures serological pipettes meet stringent accuracy specifications expected of high-precision volumetric pipettes. It communicates their reliability for sensitive quantitative laboratory procedures.

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