Are ECG electrodes reusable?

ECG electrodes can be reusable, but they are commonly used as disposable, single-use electrodes.

Here are some key points about reusing ECG electrodes:

– Reusable ECG electrodes are more expensive initially but can offer cost savings with multiple uses. Disposables are cheap but only can be used once.

– Reusables are made of more durable materials like silver, silver chloride, or gold-plated metals that can withstand cleaning between uses.

– Disposable electrodes use thinner, less expensive conductive materials that degrade faster.

– Gel and adhesive materials must be replaced on reusable electrodes between uses. Gels dry out and adhesives wear off.

– Reusable electrodes require proper skin prep and cleaning after each use to prevent signal artifacts and cross-contamination.

– If the silver chloride coating wears off, signal quality declines over time with reusable electrodes.

– Disposables carry no risk of cross-contamination and provide optimal adhesion and signals.

So in general, reusable ECG electrodes are possible with proper maintenance, but disposable electrodes are far more common due to their convenience and infection control. Proper cleaning and replacement of gels/adhesives are key for electrode reuse.

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