Where to label PCR tubes?

Here are some tips for labeling PCR tubes:

– Label near the top of the tube. This leaves room to add more labels or markings later if needed and keeps the label away from the contents where it could get wet or contaminated.

– Use a permanent marker designed for lab use, like a Sharpie. Avoid markers that could wash or wipe off.

– Include important info like sample name/number, date, initials, etc. But keep it brief for small tubes.

– Label on the side of the tube rather than the top. This keeps the label visible when tubes are stacked in racks and avoids contact with the lid which could cause smearing.

– Be consistent in label location and orientation on all tubes in an experiment. This makes it easier to quickly scan and find the right tube.

– Leave a small gap between labels on adjacent tubes. This prevents overlap or smearing if the tubes shift against each other.

– If using cryogenic tubes for freezing samples, label towards the top since contents will contract when frozen.

– Autoclave or wash tubes before labeling to remove residues that could cause label smearing.

So in summary, label PCR tubes neatly and legibly near the top on the sides, using a sturdy permanent marker. Consistent labeling and orientation make tubes easy to identify at a glance.

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