What is the use of serological pipette?

Serological pipettes are specialized pipettes used for accurately dispensing precise volumes of liquids in medical and scientific laboratories. Some key uses and features of serological pipettes include:

  • Dispensing liquid reagents and samples – Serological pipettes are commonly used to transfer precise volumes of reagents, samples, standards, buffers etc. during medical tests, assays, experiments, etc. Their accuracy makes them suitable for repetitive liquid handling tasks.
  • Volume ranges – Serological pipettes come in standard volume ranges like 0.1-1 mL, 1-5 mL, 5-10 mL, etc. allowing users to choose the right size for their application.
  • Accurate volumes – They are manufactured and calibrated to deliver volumes within +/- 1% of the marked capacity, ensuring consistency and reproducibility.
  • Single-use – Each pipette is intended for a single use to avoid cross-contamination between samples. They are disposable for sanitary purposes.
  • Sterile – Serological pipettes can be supplied non-sterile or sterile for applications involving pathogens or cell cultures where sterility is required.
  • Clear barrel – The transparent barrel allows users to see the liquid level and ensure the desired volume has been drawn or dispensed.

So in summary, serological pipettes are meant for precise liquid handling and sample/reagent transfers where accuracy and hygiene are important like medical testing, clinical diagnostics, scientific experiments, etc.

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