What is the tip of a pipette?

The tip of a pipette is the narrow, tapered end of the pipette used for dispensing or aspirating liquids with precision. Pipettes are commonly used in laboratories for accurate measurement and transfer of small volumes of liquids. There are various types of pipettes, including micropipettes and serological pipettes, each with its own specific design for different applications.

The tip of a micropipette is typically made of disposable, transparent plastic. Micropipette tips come in different sizes to accommodate various volume ranges. These tips are crucial for maintaining accuracy and preventing cross-contamination between different samples.

In contrast, serological pipettes have a longer and more tapered tip designed for delivering measured volumes of liquid into containers, such as culture dishes or tubes.

In both cases, selecting the appropriate pipette tip for the desired volume range and application is essential for achieving accurate and reproducible results in scientific experiments and analyses.

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