What is the standard for size vials?

HPLC vials come in various sizes, and there are some standard dimensions that are widely used in the industry. The choice of vial size depends on the requirements of the analysis, the sample volume, and the compatibility with the HPLC instrument and autosampler being used. The two most common sizes for HPLC vials are 2 mL and 4 mL, with the 2 mL size being the most prevalent. Here are the standard sizes and designations:

  1. 2 mL Vials:
    • The most common size for routine HPLC analyses.
    • The neck finish or opening can vary, with popular sizes being 8-425, 9-425, and 10-425.
    • These vials are compatible with a wide range of autosamplers.
  2. 4 mL Vials:
    • Larger volume vials used for applications where a larger sample volume is required.
    • Also available with different neck finishes, such as 13-425.

It’s important to note that the neck finish refers to the diameter and thread pattern of the vial opening, and it is crucial for compatibility with the HPLC autosampler. The numbers (e.g., 8-425, 9-425, 10-425, 13-425) indicate the size and threading specifications.

Apart from the standard 2 mL and 4 mL sizes, there are also other specialty vials with different volumes and designs for specific applications. These may include microvials, headspace vials, and vials with unique features designed for specialized analyses.

Always refer to the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines for your specific HPLC instrument and autosampler to ensure proper compatibility with the chosen vial size and type. It’s crucial to use vials that are appropriate for your analytical needs and to follow best practices for sample handling and vial preparation to ensure reliable and reproducible results.

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