What is the difference between PET and PETG media bottles?

The main differences between PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified) plastic bottles are:

– Composition – PETG contains glycol modifiers which make the plastic more impact-resistant and transparent compared to regular PET.

– Strength – PETG is stronger and less brittle than PET due to the added glycol. It is less likely to crack or shatter under pressure.

– Clarity – PETG bottles tend to have greater clarity and be more transparent than PET bottles.

– Permeability – PETG provides a better oxygen barrier than standard PET, meaning contents last longer before going bad.

– Temperature resistance – PETG bottles maintain their strength properties better than PET at both high and low temperatures.

– Chemical resistance – PETG bottles are more resistant to many household chemicals and caustic cleaning agents.

– Scratch resistance – PETG is more scratch resistant compared to PET plastic.

– FDA approval – PETG has FDA approval for use with food and beverages, unlike some forms of PET.

– Recyclability – Both PET and PETG bottles are recyclable, though they may need to be separated during recycling.

Cost – PETG plastic tends to be more expensive than regular PET resin.

So in summary, PETG plastic provides improved durability, clarity, and chemical resistance compared to PET bottles, making it ideal for many applications despite the higher cost.

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