What is the difference between a serological pipette and a micropipette?

The main differences between serological pipettes and micropipettes are:

– Volume range – Micropipettes are designed to measure and transfer very small volumes, from 0.1 μl up to 1000 μl. Serological pipettes measure larger volumes from 1-100 ml.

– Accuracy and precision – Micropipettes are highly accurate and precise, with less than 1% error. Serological pipettes have more variability, around ±2-5%.

– Graduations – Micropipette barrels have finely printed graduations for measuring precise volumes. Serological pipettes have larger graded markings.

– Mechanism – Micropipettes use a piston mechanism to draw up and dispense liquid. Serological pipettes use a rubber bulb for suction.

– Reusability – Micropipettes are reusable with disposable tips to prevent contamination. Serological pipettes are always disposable.

– Materials – Micropipettes have molded plastic barrels and piston mechanisms. Serological pipettes are made of thinner plastic.

– Operation – Micropipettes require fine motor control and hand coordination to operate pistons and finger rests. Serological pipettes rely more on the technique of squeezing the bulb.

– Cost – Micropipettes are a larger investment initially. Serological pipettes are very inexpensive and disposable.

In summary, micropipettes are designed for the precision measurement of tiny volumes, while serological pipettes handle larger volumes for general liquid transfer. Micropipettes require greater skill but offer accuracy.

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