What is micro cover glass?

Micro cover glass, also known as microscope cover glass or microscope slides, are thin glass squares or rectangles used to cover specimen slides when viewing under a microscope. Some key features of micro cover glass:

– Very thin, typically 0.13-0.17 mm thick. Allows light to pass through for microscopy.

– Made of optical quality glass that is flat and smooth to not distort specimen images.

– Typically come in standard sizes (18×18 mm, 22×22 mm, 24×50 mm, etc.) to fit microscope stages and specimen slides.

– Often pre-cleaned and free of impurities that could interfere with microscopy.

– Protects and flattens specimen samples mounted on slides. Prevents contamination and damage.

– Allows the application of stain, oil, or water on top of the cover glass rather than directly on the specimen.

– Usually, an affordable, disposable supply is used in large volumes by microscopy labs.

So in summary, micro cover glasses are thin, high-quality glass covers that are placed over specimens on microscope slides to enable examination under a microscope and protect the sample. They are an essential microscopy supply.

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