What is a cryovial tube?

A cryovial tube is a special plastic tube designed for storing biological samples at ultra-low temperatures, usually in liquid nitrogen.

Some key features of cryovial tubes include:

– Material – Made from polypropylene plastic for durability at freezing temperatures as low as -196°C. Does not become brittle like glass.

– Screw cap – Has an external thread and screw-on cap to provide a tight, leak-proof seal when closed. Prevents sample loss.

– Labeling – Has writing space to label contents using solvent-resistant markers. Allows easy sample identification.

– Size – Available in different volumes from 0.5mL to 4mL. Allows use for small or large sample amounts.

– Shape – Round bottom and tapered sides for easy handling. Standardized sizing allows organized rack storage.

– Sterility – Tubes are sterile and have conical bottoms to minimize material attachment. Keeps sample pure.

– Storage – Used to store biological samples like tissue, blood, cells, and DNA/RNA in liquid nitrogen cryogenic storage tanks.

– Retrieval – Samples can be quickly retrieved by lifting tubes from liquid nitrogen using forceps.

– Temperature – Can withstand ultra-low temperature storage down to -196°C without becoming brittle or leaking.

So in summary, cryovials are special plastic tubes optimized for safe long-term archival storage of biological samples at ultra-low freezing temperatures in liquid nitrogen. The screw-cap seal prevents sample loss.

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