What is a cryogenic vial?

A cryogenic vial is a special type of vial designed for storing biological samples at extremely low cryogenic temperatures.

Here are some key features of cryogenic vials:

– Material – Usually made of polypropylene plastic that can withstand ultra-low temperatures between -80°C to -196°C without becoming brittle.

– Screw cap – Has an inner silicon O-ring and screw cap to provide a tight seal and prevent sample leakage. Allows labeling on the top.

– Dimensions – Standard sizes (0.5ml to 4ml) allow storage in racks and boxes. The small size reduces temperature fluctuations.

– Round bottom – Improves heat transfer and freezing, while preventing wall adhesion of sample.

– Thermal shock resistance – Can withstand rapid temperature changes during freezing in liquid nitrogen and thawing without cracking.

– Sterility – Manufactured under sterile conditions for sample purity. Some have embedded data loggers.

– Leakproof – Tight seals prevent sample cross-contamination and evaporation during storage.

– Identification – Markings and barcodes help identify sample details. Color coding aids sample grouping.

– Easy handling – Lightweight with flat tops for convenient handling. Can be stored vertically.

So in essence, the cryogenic vial is designed to safely store biological samples at ultra-low temperatures for long periods while maintaining sample integrity and stability. This makes them ideal for biobanking, medical research, and molecular biology applications.

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