What is a conical centrifuge tube?

A conical centrifuge tube, also known as a conical tube or simply a centrifuge tube, is a type of laboratory tube used for various purposes, including sample storage, centrifugation, and separation of substances. These tubes are typically made of plastic (such as polypropylene) or glass and are shaped like a cone, with a tapered bottom that comes to a point. This conical shape allows for efficient sedimentation of particles or cells during centrifugation.

Conical centrifuge tubes come in various sizes, typically ranging from a few milliliters to several tens of milliliters in capacity. They often have screw caps or snap caps to secure the contents and prevent leakage.

These tubes are widely used in biological, chemical, and clinical laboratories for tasks such as separating components of a mixture, isolating specific cells or particles, and storing samples for further analysis.


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