What flask is used in cell culture?

The main types of flasks used for cell culture are:

– T-Flasks – The most common type. Shaped like a “T” with a flat bottom and vertical neck. Available in different sizes from 25cm2 to 175cm2. Used for routine subculturing of adherent cell lines.

– Flasks – Similar to T-flasks but without the neck and vertical orientation. Come in a variety of sizes and are used for suspension cell cultures that grow freely in media.

– Spinner Flasks – Cylindrical flasks with side arms and stirrer components. Allow for the continuous stirring of suspension cultures.

– Roller Bottles – Cylindrical and completely filled with media, they rotate to increase gas exchange and growth of adherent cells.

– Multiwell Plates – Available in 6, 12, 24, 48, and 96 well formats. Allow high-throughput cell culture and analysis.

– Cell Factories – Large square vessels that provide increased surface area for large-scale production.

– Erlenmeyer Flasks – Conical shape provides agitation for suspension culture. Limited scale-up potential.

The material is usually treated polystyrene or Pyrex glass. Selection depends on cell type, scale, and downstream applications. Proper sterile technique is essential when working with any flasks for cell culture.

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