What does PET mean on a bottle?

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate. When seen on a plastic bottle, it usually indicates the type of plastic resin that the bottle is made from.

Some key things to know about PET bottle labeling:

PET is a plastic polymer that is lightweight, transparent, and durable. It’s one of the most common plastics used for beverage and food packaging.

Bottles made from 100% PET plastic will be labeled with the number 1 and the letters PET inside the recycling symbol/triangle. This tells recyclers it can be recycled.

PET is very durable and resistant to breakage. It can safely hold liquids like water, juice, soda, etc. without contaminating the contents.

It is heat resistant up to around 70°C/160°F, allowing bottles to be sterilized during production and withstand hot-fill processes.

PET plastic is colorless and transparent, preserving clarity to display product properties like carbonation.

The recycling code #1 and letters PET indicate the bottle is food-grade and safe for single-use beverage/food containers.

Recycled PET plastic can be reused to manufacture new containers, fiber filaments, and other products.

So in summary, the label PET on a bottle identifies it as being made from polyethylene terephthalate plastic, which is lightweight, durable, and safely recyclable.

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