What are filter tips low retention?

Filter tip’s low retention refers to pipette tips that are designed to minimize sample loss and contamination during pipetting.

Here are some key things about low retention filter tips:

– They contain an extra filter in the tip that captures liquid, preventing it from sticking to the inside walls of the tip. This reduces sample loss.

– The filters are made of hydrophobic materials that prevent aqueous solutions from sticking. This reduces carryover contamination between pipetting steps.

– The tip material and filters create a smooth inner surface that liquids cannot adhere to easily.

– They are best for pipetting sticky, viscous, or protein-containing samples, as regular tips tend to retain more of these liquids.

– They allow more accurate and precise pipetting of small volumes, as sample loss is minimized.

– Low retention tips cost more than regular tips but can improve pipetting accuracy and prevent contamination, saving costs elsewhere.

– They should be used with care to avoid clogging the filters with thick liquids or particulates. Filter clogging increases sample retention.

So in summary, low-retention filter tips have specialized filters and materials to reduce sample loss and carryover, improving pipetting accuracy for hard-to-handle liquids. Their extra cost is justified by better performance for many applications.

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