What are Agilent wide bore tips?

Agilent wide bore tips are a type of pipette tip with a wider opening and inner diameter compared to standard pipette tips. Some key features of Agilent wide bore tips:

– The opening is around 2-3x wider than a standard tip. This reduces shear forces during aspiration/dispensing.

– The inner diameter is wider allowing viscous liquids or suspensions to be pipetted more easily.

– They come in sizes for P10 to P1000 pipette tips. The larger sizes (P200 and up) benefit the most from the wide bore.

– The tips are designed to universally fit all major pipette brands including Agilent, Eppendorf, Gilson, Rainin, etc.

– They are manufactured from high-quality polypropylene plastic.

– Wide bore tips help minimize errors and loss when pipetting sticky samples like glycerol, DNA plasmids, protein solutions, tissue lysates, etc.

– The wider opening allows pipetting without needing to cut tips, reducing contamination risk.

– They improve precision and accuracy when working with viscous or high molecular weight samples.

In summary, Agilent wide bore pipette tips have a wider opening and inner diameter that facilitates pipetting sticky, viscous, or high molecular weight samples while reducing errors and maintenance of pipettes. Their universal fitting makes them compatible with different brands.

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