How deep is a 24 well plate?

The depth of wells in a 24-well plate can vary between manufacturers and plate types, but typically:

– Standard 24-well cell culture plates have well depths between 15-18 mm.- Deep well 24-well plates, designed for larger volumes, have well depths between 20-40 mm.

– Shallow well 24-well plates may have depths around 10-15 mm.

So in summary:

– Standard 24-well plates are around 15-18 mm deep per well.

– Deep well 24-well plates used for applications needing more volume are approximately 20-40 mm deep per well.

– Specialty shallow well 24-well plates maybe 10-15 mm deep.

The deep well plates allow you to use much larger sample volumes (1-5 mL) compared to standard plates (0.5-1 mL per well). When selecting a 24-well plate, the good depth depends on your application and desired liquid volume. Many manufacturers will specify the well depth to help choose the optimal plate.

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