What are LTS pipette tips?

LTS (Low-Retention Tips) pipette tips are a type of pipette tip commonly used in laboratory settings, particularly in molecular biology, biochemistry, and other life science research fields. These tips are designed with features to minimize sample loss and enhance accuracy during pipetting procedures. Here are some key characteristics of LTS pipette tips:

Low-Retention Properties:

  • LTS pipette tips are designed to minimize sample retention, meaning they help prevent liquids from adhering to the inner surface of the tip. This property reduces the loss of valuable samples and ensures more accurate and precise pipetting results.

Enhanced Performance:

  • The low-retention properties of LTS tips facilitate improved liquid handling performance, particularly when working with viscous or low-surface-tension liquids, such as DNA solutions, enzymes, proteins, and other biological samples.
  • LTS tips are engineered to provide consistent and reliable results, even when pipetting small volumes or performing repetitive pipetting tasks.


  • LTS tips are compatible with a wide range of pipettes, including manual and electronic pipettes from various manufacturers. They are available in different sizes (e.g., 10 µl, 200 µl, 1000 µl) to accommodate different pipetting volumes and applications.
  • Some LTS pipette tips are designed for specific pipette models or brands, while others are universal and can be used with multiple pipette brands.


  • LTS pipette tips are commonly used in molecular biology applications, such as PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), qPCR (Quantitative PCR), DNA sequencing, sample preparation, and liquid handling procedures involving nucleic acids, proteins, and other biomolecules.
  • They are also used in microbiology, cell culture, and biochemistry laboratories for various liquid handling tasks, including sample transfer, dilution, mixing, and dispensing.

In summary, LTS (Low-Retention Tips) pipette tips are specialized laboratory consumables designed to minimize sample loss, improve pipetting accuracy, and enhance liquid handling performance in molecular biology and life science research applications. Their low-retention properties make them valuable tools for precise and reproducible pipetting, especially when working with sensitive or low-volume samples.

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