Can you reuse HPLC vials?

Yes, HPLC vials can be reused, but there are some important considerations:

– Clean thoroughly – Used vials should be washed with solvent (often methanol) to completely remove any residue of the previous sample/mobile phase. This prevents cross-contamination.

– Inspect for damage – Check vial and cap for cracks, scratches, or defects that could compromise vial integrity or cause leaks. Damaged vials should be discarded.

– Consider wear and tear – Reusing vials repeatedly can lead to damaged septa, loose caps, lost markings, etc. Replace vials that show significant wear.

– Avoid reuse for quantification – Reused vials are okay for qualitative analysis, but should generally not be used for quantitative work due to potential variations in the vial itself affecting results.

– Don’t reuse incompatible samples – Avoid reusing vials if prior samples could contaminate present analytes due to solubility issues, adsorption, etc.

– Reuse with the same cap – Caps are designed to properly seal specific vial types and sizes. Always reassemble the same cap with the same vial.

With proper cleaning, inspection, and care, HPLC vials can be reused many times, reducing waste and costs. But caution is needed to prevent any issues with cross-contamination, integrity, or accuracy.

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